Barcelona debt now

Barcelona’s debt has been an underlying factor in the club’s business and football operations for the past five years. The team has faced challenges due to the economic impact of Covid, and even before that, it invested hundreds of millions into players like Coutinho, Dembele, Miralem Pjanic, and Antoine Griezmann, aiming for success.


Since then, there has been a change in presidents. Joan Laporta returned to the helm with the intention to “fix” the economic problems. However, it seems that despite having the greatest footballer of all time, it hasn’t been entirely feasible.



According to a press conference held by VP of Economics Eduard Romeu, the club’s debt remains the same as it was before Laporta resumed control—standing at a staggering €1.35 billion. Despite implementing measures to address this issue going forward, it still presents a concerning financial situation.


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Written by Kwasi Ayisi

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